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Recorder DX2 is a digital voice recorder with analog skins. It features state-of-the-art noise reduction and advanced auto gain control. It is capable of recording voice in noisy background without having to adjust microphone volume manually. All the tech complexities are sealed under the Skeuomorphism panel — no need to change the familiar operating habits. Voice will be recorded directly to mp3 file, optionally with embedded text comment and photo, and shared locally or on cloud..





Recording features:

- Noise reduction
- Auto microphone boost
- Record in advance — no more "muscle delay" problem
- Auto pause on silence
- Unlimited recording time
- Record in background



Playback features

- Three playback speeds without pitch distortion
- Tone adjustment for hearing comfort
- Voice Mask — hiding voice identity from content
- Auto repeat
- Playback in background



UI features

- Multiple skin schemes for your device color, visual comfort or fun
- Analog-like operation as easy as intuitive
- Live visual feedback
- Eye-free operation with simple gestures



Sharing features:

The built-in recording manager allows you to load/rename/delete a recording, and share a recording via:

WiFi download email attachment upload to iCloud upload to Dropbox
post to Facebook post to YouTube upload to Google Drive upload to OneDrive
post to SoundCloud pass to another app    

You can also import mp3 files from:
- iCloud
- Dropbox
- Google Drive
- OneDrive
- SoundCloud


Adaptability is the key advantage of this casual recorder over other recorders. It will significantly resolve the real-live pains in recording lectures, meetings or other casual events, where ambient noise, distance and "muscle delay" may devalue the result record.

As the distance from the sound source varies, the loudness in the produced recording will be maintained as even as possible. Meanwhile, an advanced noise reduction engine is also engaged for reducing the "hiss" & "hum" noise. .

The pre-recording feature is an effective solution to the well known "muscle delay" problem -- it is always too late to start a new recording when an important moment was heard and gone. However, this app can go back into its short history buffer and add up-to a few seconds of past sound to the beginning of the recording file, effectively reduces the chance of missing an important moment due to "muscle delay".

The pause-on-silence feature will skip recording any trivial sounds that is not louder than a pre-defined level. A short beep marker will be automatically inserted at each pause point.

A recording can be played-back in three paces without pitch distortion: slow for dictating, normal for listening and fast for scanning.

If a recording sounds too sharp or too soft, the tone adjuster can help to re-balance the tone.

The anonymous modifier on the other hand, is an advanced tool to hide voice identity while preserving the speech content.

Unlike a game app, a recorder app is not always operated at the center of sight. Bigger buttons, higher contrast and less details make it easier to handle.

The analog skin is an apparent invitation of interaction with fingers, as intuitive as with real objects. It also offers live visual feedback which is often helpful to tell the current operating states, at a glance.

The multiple UI schemes are unique options for user to maintain optimal visual comfort under different lighting conditions (i.g. day or night).

The extra "eye-free" mode on top of all UI schemes will allow starting/stopping a record task with finger gestures without looking at the screen.

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